Vicky Smyth


Vicky has been studying and practising shiatsu since 1989. Graduating in Glasgow and a post graduate of the Shiatsu College of Norwich, Vicky has been fortunate to study advanced techniques with many inspiring and internationally respected teachers, most notably Clifford Andrews and Pauline Sasaki.

She has worked in many different settings and clinics in Glasgow including Health Board initiatives. Since 1996 Vicky has been a permanent member of the teaching team at the Glasgow School of Shiatsu. Here, and at other UK shiatsu schools, she teaches all levels of the 3 year diploma course and organises a variety of workshops.

Reiki training began in 1990 and in 2008 she became a master. Reiki enhances her shiatsu work and connection to the body’s energy and continues to be a powerful form of healing and strengthening, both to give and to receive!

A regular practice of Mindfulness meditation and yoga and many years of Qi Gong are inspiring influences, and Vicky has a special interest in Chinese Food Therapy.

Vicky is a practitioner and teacher member of the register of the Shiatsu Society, our regulatory body whose standards serve as benchmarks for European shiatsu practice.