“I have been lucky enough to have been having shiatsu from Vicky for years. She always intuitively knows exactly where my body needs the most work. I feel the benefit for days, in fact weeks, after the treatment itself and I always look forward to the amazing sleep I get the night of the treatment! I couldn't recommend her highly enough.” - Kathryn G

“Vicky was a great help to me using her skills as a Shiatsu practitioner, over a couple of years when I had great pain from an undiagnosed arthritic hip. She made may life more than tolerable at that time, and I will always be grateful for that.” - Jude C

“I was struggling with sleep issues, severe aches and pains and a number of issues I couldn't quite pinpoint. I didn't know what to expect at the start. Vicky's incredible Shiatsu has really transformed things for me. Fully recommended!” - Dr Hasan Q

“A friend recommended Vicky and she gave me a hypnotherapy session for an issue that had been around for a year and a half. There was definitely a night and day difference before and after my session with Vicky. I was extremely thankful I could not recommend her highly enough.” - Oliver P

"Following a serious accident I received physiotherapy and osteopathic treatments. Whilst they each did assist in the healing of the sore bits I soon realised that I needed a therapy which didn't just help the sore bits but considered me as a whole person. I turned to Shiatsu as part of my rehabilitation as it supports your physical, emotional and psychological well being. In sourcing Vicky as a Shiatsu Practitioner I have found someone who is not only very knowledgeable in her field but works with empathy for her client. I feel safe in her hands and I am delighted at the progress we have made and continue to make" - Fiona

“I have been receiving Shiatsu from Vicky since 1996, that's 20 years! In that time I have had many shiatsu and massage treatments from various places but I always go back to Vicky for the 'real deal'! She keeps me on track with my health, thanks Vicky!” - Lucy T

“I have been one of Vicky`s regular Shiatsu clients, for many years now, and would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering this form of therapy.  Vicky is not only a very capable and experienced therapist but is also a kind and considerate person.” - Murray C

“I love this treatment. I found shiatsu very relaxing and helpful with balancing an energy. I would happily recommend Vicky to everyone.” - Edyta Z

“Vicky is a fabulous shiatsu teacher and practising expert, every session is a treat that leaves me feeling lighter and brighter.” - Kay C